Remote and Virtual Team Leadership

Management and Leadership

Aims of the course

This one-day course explores the challenges and opportunities that exist within a remote and virtual team environments. As well as insight into best practice, the course will help participants develop essential management skills and techniques to ensure they work effectively within their own situations; identifying gaps and building a practical action plan moving forward.


Who will benefit from attending?

Any team manager or leader overseeing remote or virtual teams and seeking to increase their effectiveness.


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Participants will learn to:

  • Manage the performance of virtual teams more effectively
  • Embrace the challenges involved in remote team leadership
  • Tailor individual management style as necessary
  • Recognise team needs and utilise best practices to create a productive working environment
  • Empower remote working individuals through effective working strategies
  • Develop remote team meeting facilitation skills


Key topics covered:

  • Recognising the unique features of virtual teams
  • Identifying the challenges and concerns when leading a virtual team
  • Embracing the challenges of remote working positively by defining strategic ways to build trust within the team
  • Defining virtual team members’ roles and responsibilities, setting up common goals and objectives
  • Creating and using techniques for effective communication
  • Essential skills and competencies of a remote working manager
  • Gaining commitment and a sense of team spirit within the virtual team
  • Using online tools for effective communication


What is included?

The majority of our courses are customised and delivered in house.  Our standard fee for customised course delivery over the duration of a day is £950.00, which includes diagnostics, course customisation to ensure the course meets the specific needs of your organisation, materials and delivery to groups of up to 15 people.  This equates to a training investment of £65.00 per head. Certificates are issued upon completion of the training for all participants.