Our Personal Skills courses are focused on internal learning, i.e. improving skills of the self.

Personal Skills

Our top selling courses cover a real range from Risk Management to Presentation Skills to Project Management.

Business Skills

We provide a number of training courses looking at different aspects and skills involved in effective management and leadership.

Management and Leadership

We have run over +500 HR focused training courses in our time. As a result we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to current HR needs.

Human Resources

Our company's background is in international business and giving people the skills needed to working globally.

International Business Skills

We run a series of training courses throughout the year designed to boost communication skills at both the personal and organisational level.


Professional & Personal Skills Training Courses

All the training on our website is delivered as in house, customised courses which ensures they meet the specific needs of our unique clients.

We focus specifically on servicing clients in the South West of England - Cornwall, Somerset & Avon, Wiltshire, Dorset and Devon.

Course content is pre-determined and based upon our prior experience of delivering training in that particiular topic or subject matter. With 15 years' experience delivering training we appreciate what people need as well as what they like. This has informed all our course content including formats, excercises and activities.

A one-day training course is only ever the first step to developing new skills and winning business habits. As a result our courses are heavily focused on giving people the theory, knowledge and tips and then helping them apply those to their roles. Putting knowledge into practice = power.

As such, each course is composed of the following key elements:

  • Self-assessment & developing self-awareness
  • Input of knowledge (from both trainer and peers)
  • Exposure to concrete role related situations to enable participants to apply the knowledge
  • Feedback on initial knowledge application
  • Further practice
  • Reflection

We keep group sizes stricly to no more than 15 people in one session -  this enables the trainer to spend time with each participant to focus on their unique situation and to allow for maximum practice time.

Most courses are one-day and are run from 09:00 - 17:00 on the date advertised unless stated otherwise.

For more information on our courses, our training centre, the trainers or anything else - simply contact one of our team who would love to help.