Without doubt our three greatest strengths as a training company are:

1. A truly customer focused service

2. A desire to make training engaging and effective

3. A great team of expert trainers

Who are our Trainers?

All our trainers are first and foremost professional, full time business trainers, presenters and faciilitators. All have a background in industry and first-hand experience in the subjects they deliver.

Trainers’ backgrounds and qualifications differ according to the courses they deliver.

For example, a trainer that delivers a course on finance will be someone with a background in finance. A trainer delivering a session on team-building, management, leadership, etc. is someone that has many years' experience working at that level, coupled with an academic appreciation of the subject and who has been delivering courses for at least 2 years.

Ongoing Qualification of Trainers

All our trainers are full-time professionals. As a result they are continuously in touch with the changes in training, learning and education techniques as well as the topics they train on. In addition to this our team have to deal with a number of challenges that our clients face, ensuring they are always in-tune with business developments in its widest sense and at all levels.

Other than on-the-job development all trainers attend industry recognised conferences, training seminars and the like which provides them with the latest ideas, products, theories and training methodologies.

Meet some Trainers

To review some of our trainers' bios, please click from the selection below.

Health & Safety Trainer I.W.    Management Trainer D.G.     HR Trainer F.M.P.    Sales & Communication Trainer N.F.    

If you have any specific about our trainers, please do not hesitate to contact us.