Interpreting at International Conferences


Aims of the course

This specialised course will ensure participants learn the roles, duties and practices of interpreters working at international and multilingual conferences. They will gain a practical experience and a strong understanding of the stages in commissioning and preparing for such a conference and how best to arrange and work with the interpreters.

Who will benefit from attending?

  • Anyone who wants to better understand the process behind international and multiingual conferences.
  • Conference organisers who work with interpreters.

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Experience Level:
Main Group

Participants will learn to:

  • Appreciate the backend organsiation and set-up of a typical conference
  • Analyse the equipment is needed
  • Create clear, useful information packs for interpreters
  • Ask clients the ‘must have’ questions and gain essential information
  • Value the skills necessary for good interpreting
  • Create checklists for organising international conferences
  • Manage difficult situations and create contingency plans

Key topics covered:

  • Three interpreting modes: simultaneous, consecutive and on-stage and how they work
  • Conference preparation, interpreter briefings and interpreter research
  • Establishing client needs and understanding what needs to be assessed
  • Working with speakers and interpreters
  • Venues – equipment and set ups
  • Managing issues
  • Action planning

What is included?

The majority of our courses are customised and delivered in house.  Our standard fee for customised course delivery over the duration of a day is £950.00, which includes diagnostics, course customisation to ensure the course meets the specific needs of your organisation, materials and delivery to groups of up to 15 people.  This equates to a training investment of £65.00 per head. Certificates are issued upon completion of the training for all participants.