Conducting Successful Appraisals and Reviews


Aims of the course

This course will equip participants with the practical skills needed to develop and implement a framework for successful appraisals and reviews.

It will reveal how to foster motivation and encourage performance improvement through a series of proven methods and techniques. The training will also explore different strategies for dealing with conflict, poor performance and negative reactions to feedback.


Who will benefit from attending?

The course is suitable for senior/junior managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR managers, directors and all other individuals with responsibility for employee management.


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Participants will learn to:

  • Aligning the appraisal process with organisational strategies and mission statements 
  • Use the fundamentals of an appraisal process in a structured manner
  • Build rapport and relax appraisees through a review
  • Appreciate the ‘dos and the don’ts’ surrounding feedback
  • Put into practice the “Sandwich technique”
  • Deal with conflict and handle challenging situations
  • Ensure good performance and commitment after appraisals
  • Implement post appraisal review strategies


Key topics covered:

  • The need for organisational alignment 
  • Fairness and equality 
  • Manager and employee roles in the performance appraisal process
  • The performance appraisal as an important management tool
  • The supervisor's planning checklist
  • How to complete a performance appraisal form
  • Gathering supporting documentation and scenarios 
  • Standards for documenting reviews and action points
  • Guidelines for setting goals and coaching employees
  • Responding to employee reactions
  • Action planning


What is included?

The majority of our courses are customised and delivered in house.  Our standard fee for customised course delivery over the duration of a day is £950.00, which includes diagnostics, course customisation to ensure the course meets the specific needs of your organisation, materials and delivery to groups of up to 15 people.  This equates to a training investment of £65.00 per head. Certificates are issued upon completion of the training for all participants.