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Manage Customer Complaints Effectively on the Phone

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If you deal with customers, then you'll appreciate the challenges of dealing with an angry customer via telephone. In face-to-face situations, the use of facial expressions, body language, and proxemics all serve to show empathy and engagement. Unfortunately, when these cues are taken away, managing the customer complaint becomes an even bigge...

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5 Stress Busting Tips

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The workplace can be a stressful environment for some staff. While a degree of ‘healthy’ stress is expected, for some people, stressful encounters and situations can be part and parcel of the working day. How we manage stress in the workplace clearly affects how we react to it and the subsequent impact that it has on us personally. Chronic stress can have a damaging physiological and mental impact, leading to long term sickness, substandard role performance, poor decision making and even role attrition. Fortunately, an increased focus on mental health and the recognition of the impact of stress on the financial...

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Developing Soft Skills as a Manager Today

Management and leadership, as we know it, has undergone a significant shift in recent years due to globalisation and the increasing need to work virtually and across time zone and cultures. Previously, a manager was seen as someone with largely specific technical/hard skills, today that perception of the role has largely developed. In the last decade, and as the world is becoming an increasing ‘global marketplace’ (Lane 1997), human resource development has also taken on a more international outlook which means that the global talent search has focused increasingly on finding, developing, and retaining those individuals with a specific skill set:...

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