Neil Payne

Neil "Pitta" Payne is Marketing Director at South West Training and Kwintessential.

Neil started Kwintessential in 2004 upon completing an MA in Middle Eastern Studies at SOAS University in London. With a background in language teaching, his passion for learning and education continued through the provision of cultural awareness training which he delivered in the early years of the company. He now concentrates on marketing.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is, quite simply, the ability to manage one's emotions to achieve successful outcomes. It covers all types of areas, from mundane social interactions to complex corporate negotiations. Emotionally intelligent people can use their skills to drive constructive conversations, (even difficult ones) and to lessen any negative outcomes that might otherwise arise. Since this skill also promotes our ability to communicate effectively and respectfully, it's fair to say that emotionally intelligent people really do get the best of themselves! It should come as no surprise that employers are increasingly looking for emotionally intelligent candidates to boost workplace productivity, communication, and performance.  Our Open...
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Did you know that the word 'accountability' derives from accounting? Although finance and accounting may (for some) be quite daunting concepts to approach, it is important to understand basic financial management skills for business purposes.   A recent opinion article beautifully explains the origins and deemed importance of accounting in capitalist society from a historical point of view. For example, “In Renaissance Italy, merchants and property owners used accounting not only for their businesses but to make a moral reckoning with God, their cities, their countries, and their families.”If your role requires you to oversee a budget, manage resource productivity, or create...
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Management and leadership, as we know it, has undergone a significant shift in recent years due to globalisation and the increasing need to work virtually and across time zone and cultures. Previously, a manager was seen as someone with largely specific technical/hard skills, today that perception of the role has largely developed. In the last decade, and as the world is becoming an increasing ‘global marketplace’ (Lane 1997), human resource development has also taken on a more international outlook which means that the global talent search has focused increasingly on finding, developing, and retaining those individuals with a specific skill set:...
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In the workplace, it is often challenging to communicate effectively and to avoid misunderstandings. Unconsciously, we interpret each other’s ‘social signals’ whilst speaking in order to interpret what somebody is saying. As a matter of fact, these non-verbal ways of communicating, influence our communication to a greater extent than anything we say.In fact, more than half of our communication depends on how we say things, rather than what we say.Did you know that we process body language cues faster than we process language?  Our body language shapes our relationships with colleagues, managers, subordinates, and clients.  It doesn't stop at the workplace however as...
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