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Neil "Pitta" Payne is Marketing Director at South West Training and Kwintessential.

Our Emotional Intelligence Training Course

Our Emotional Intelligence Training Course

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is, quite simply, the ability to manage one's emotions to achieve successful outcomes. It covers all types of areas, from mundane social interactions to complex corporate negotiations. 

Emotionally intelligent people can use their skills to drive constructive conversations, (even difficult ones) and to lessen any negative outcomes that might otherwise arise. Since this skill also promotes our ability to communicate effectively and respectfully, it's fair to say that emotionally intelligent people really do get the best of themselves!

It should come as no surprise that employers are increasingly looking for emotionally intelligent candidates to boost workplace productivity, communication, and performance. 

Our Open Course

This month we had our first open training course on … (I’m sure you’ve guessed) Emotional Intelligence.

The trainer explored the key ingredients of the subject and focused on the link between EQ and Leadership. In particular, they focused on what makes a good leader and the link of these characteristics with emotional intelligence. 

The first topic covered in the training related to self-awareness.  If we can't perceive our strengths and limitations, then it's difficult to change our behaviour and break with our bad habits. To help with this, we used a variety of tests to help participants appreciate the importance of self-awareness and to help them explore personal preferences, approaches and styles. 

The training then moved onto key areas such as recognising emotions and positively managing them to influence, communicate, manage conflict, build relationships, and lead. 

Lunch and Learn Session

This open course was our first Lunch and Learn session! As one person from our London office attended the training, he recapitulated key learning points from the session in a presentation. He concentrated on the ‘Self-talk Cycle’ demonstrating the impact of thoughts on performance. 

What is the Self-Talk Cycle?

It is the cycle of the little voice in our head and the consequences of what it says to us. The concept explains that every thought provokes a feeling that triggers a behaviour. A very simple output from this, is that when we are happy we naturally perform better than when we are down. This scheme highlights the necessity of positive attitudes to forge success. Our negative self-talk limits ourselves while positive self-talk enables us to surpass ourselves.

Emotional Leadership Training for Leaders

If you are a leader interested in boosting your leadership performance through enhanced emotional intelligence, then contact us to discuss our Emotional Leadership Training course for Leaders.

South West Training Courses

As a leader of business training courses in the South West, we have a team of expert, well-qualified trainers ready to deliver on-site, high-impact training courses. With trainers across Dorset, Devon, Somerset and Cornwall, our trainers are available for the most remote locations such as Penzance, to busier cities of Bristol, Bournemouth, Exeter and Plymouth. 

Contact us to discuss how we can help. 

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