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What do we cover in our Communications Skills Training?

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Our communications skills training courses are one of our most popular training courses in the South-West. Effective communicators are essential to driving business success in businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether it's a large multinational based in Bournemouth, or a small family business on the outskirts of Yeovil, our communi...

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Management or Leadership? What's the Difference?

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A common question asked by newly appointed managers attending our Management and Leadership training courses is, ‘What’s the difference between management and leadership?’. It’s an important question as the difference is not a mere case of pedantics. Although the two concepts work hand in hand, there are important differences between the two terms, which managers need to understand, if they are to appreciate when they should be leading and when they should be managing. Essentially, the difference between leadership and management is that leaders inspire people to follow them, whilst managers have people working for them.  To help describe this further,...

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Make your Training Company Tender Questions Relevant

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Part of my role as a Training Coordinator at Training South West is to tender for training contracts within the Dorset, Cornwall, Devon and Somerset areas. Although the initial documentation phase can be rather painful at times, a number of businesses use this phase as a basis to select companies who perform well against criteria to take part in a subsequent face to face process. I really enjoy this part of the process as it provides a fantastic opportunity to increase my exposure to the diverse range of South West businesses and I’ve met some really interesting people because of it....

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What is the Meaning behind our Body Language?

In the workplace, it is often challenging to communicate effectively and to avoid misunderstandings. Unconsciously, we interpret each other’s ‘social signals’ whilst speaking in order to interpret what somebody is saying. As a matter of fact, these non-verbal ways of communicating, influence our communication to a greater extent than anything we say.In fact, more than half of our communication depends on how we say things, rather than what we say.Did you know that we process body language cues faster than we process language?  Our body language shapes our relationships with colleagues, managers, subordinates, and clients.  It doesn't stop at the workplace however as...

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