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Free Online Cultural Awareness Training!

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I am very excited to announce that our sister company, Commisceo Global Consulting, has uploaded a fantastic, fully online, Cultural Awareness training course as a free resource on YouTube.   Lasting just over an hour, the course offer learner: Fantastic insights the impact of culture on on international businessExpert direction into cross cultural collaboration and communication and; Practical and effective strategies to manage cultural differences   Authored by cross cultural training experts, this course is a must for South West businesses wanting to develop the international and intercultural competence of their staff.          Want to complete this cultural awareness training course...

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Essential Cross-Cultural Skills for the Dorset Tourism Industry

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Dorset is beautiful – in fact, it is so beautiful that the tourism industry attracts almost half a million foreign tourists a year and contributes just under £230 million a year to the Dorset economy. The growing attraction of Dorset as a holiday destination is clearly evident in the increasing numbers of cruise ships docking at Portland Port, with Dorset-bound tourists doubling from 30,000 to 60,000 from the previous year. With 80% of cruise ships’ passengers choosing to stay in Dorset (and hence contribute to the economy), the Dorset tourist industry has every reason to be excited. To capitalise upon the...

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