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Which Communication Skills are Most Important in the Workplace?

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We know that effective communicators get more done, more effectively, with less stress and better outcomes We've listed some of the most important communication skills in the workplace, in bite-size chunks! These skills will go a long way to helping you build successful relationships with your colleagues, gain trust and to perform above and beyond your work objectives: Friendliness: We are more likely to do things for people that we like and respect. Being friendly with people will naturally gain colleague trust and respect and ensure more positive relationships. Effective communicators take the time to show an interest in their colleagues and to...

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Hero or Villain? How would you be Portrayed in an Online Customer Care Story?

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The Somerset County Gazette featured an article on 24th September outlining a family's disgust at the accommodation they were placed in when visiting a holiday site in Burnham on Sea (a seaside resort in Somerset). The family report what can only be described as a nightmare for any family who has spent money in the anticipation of a relaxing holiday.  Stomach-turning photographs and the family's account of cigarette ends under the bed, an ants' nest, filthy hob, insect-clad skylight, and a lack of safety equipment all add to the horror of the story. To add further damage, the report outlines the...

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Managing Multicultural Teams: A Participant's Feedback

Following the recent delivery of a 'Managing Multicultural Teams' open course, one of our participants from a Bournemouth-based international NGO offered to share her experience of the training.  Below, she outlines key topics included in the training course, her key takeaways, and how the learning will be transferred back to the workplace.  What did the training cover? The training was nicely structured but also informal at the same time allowing us (attendees) to ask as many questions and share our own experiences as we went along throughout the day. The training started by looking at the impact of culture on business and leadership.  We explored the importance of...

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