Cultural Awareness Training

International Business Skills

Aims of the Course

This course is designed to help anyone working internationally, or across cultures, to maximise their performance by confidently navigating any cross cultural setting.

By understanding the critical drivers of the cultures you work with, you will gain an understanding of why your cross cultural counterparts act as they do, the behaviours that are really important to them, the expectations that they might have of you and the approach you should be taking to drive positive and productive outcomes.

This valuable understanding will help you build positive and trusting relationships, protect your company reputation and avoid potential cultural blunders.

Specifically this cultural awareness course will help you to:

  • Understand the impact of culture on international working
  • Understand your own culture and how this influences the way you communicate, work and build relationships
  • Appreciate the impression you make on people from other cultures
  • Explore key cultural differences and their impact on the dynamics between people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Gain an in depth appreciation of behaviours most likely to trip you up cross culturally and gain strategies to avoid potential conflicts, upset or offence 
  • Develop the skills and know how to project a positive image regardless of where you are in the world
  • Acquire tools and strategies to navigate any cultural setting positively

This course is typically tailored to incorporate focus on a specific culture/s or on specific business activities such as selling, marketing, negotiating, buying etc. 

 Who will benefit from attending? 

  • Staff with any form of international role - whether face to face or virtual 
  • Staff with a need to manage or lead international teams
  • Managers with a multinational / cross cultural staff base 
  • Individuals with a multicultural service base 
  • Those managing overseas suppliers or distributors 
  • Project staff working across international projects 
  • Individuals due to go overseas for the purpose of selling / marketing products, establishing a supplier chain, implementing an international supply chain, or, negotiating an international contract 

Our cultural trainers

Our cultural trainers are all fully qualified, cultural professionals with extensive experience working internationally within a business capacity. 

Online training 

Our cultural awareness training is also available as an online / eLearning training option via our parent company Commisceo Global Consulting Ltd. 


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