Saudi Arabia Culture Awareness

International Business Skills

Aims of the course

When doing business in Saudi Arabia, it's essential that you understand Saudi business culture as it differs greatly to British business culture. There's a certain way of 'doing things' in Saudi Arabia and to get the most out of your transactions, it's important that you understand the expectations that your counterparts might have of you, local business rules, business etiquette and behaviours most likely to cause offence. By gaining this understanding, you are more likely to successfully build positive and productive business relationships.

This is an online course, hosted by our sister company, 'Commisceo Global Consulting'. The course has been developed by Saudi Arabia business experts and imparts practical insights and strategies which will help you to manage your transactions confidently. 

The course can be accessed via the Commisceo Global Consulting website, or, be uploaded to in house learning management systems.

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Who will benefit from attending?

  • Anyone working on fixed projects with Saudi counterparts
  • Teams negotiating project in Saudi Arabia 
  • Service providers wishing to expand into Saudi Arabia 
  • Anyone exporting or importing goods from or into Saudi Arabia 
  • Individuals attending meetings in Saudi Arabia 
  • Businesses hosting Saudi Arabian counterparts in the South West

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