Customer Service Excellence Across Cultures

International Business Skills

Aims of the course

When dealing with clients from around the world it's important to remember that customer service expectations can differ greatly.

This course helps participants appreciate how and why cultures differ and equip them with insightful and practical skills to ensure they deliver world class customer service no mater when the client is from.


Who will benefit from attending?

  • Anyone working or dealing with international customers
  • Call centre staff
  • Professionals communicating globally but remotely
  • Exporters


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Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the values, habits and expectations of overseas' clients
  • Apply cultural know-how to get the best out of international transactions
  • Deal with culturally challenging situations in a professional and effective way
  • Effectively use International English
  • Offer high quality customer service regardless of cultural origin


Key topics covered:

  • Overview of the role of “culture” within international business (especially in the service industry)
  • The impact of culture on relationships between customers and front line staff
  • Examining different styles of customer service and etiquette cross culturally and comparing the expectations and attitudes of customers
  • Virtual communication skills using practical behavioural and communication tips to deliver quality customer service
  • Key areas to be mindful of during cross cultural interactions and strategies to bridge difference 
  • Behaviours which are likely to cause offence in other international settings 
  • Constructing a country answer sheet/ fact sheet / best practice guide
  • Personal and team action planning


What is included?

The majority of our courses are customised and delivered in house.  Our standard fee for customised course delivery over the duration of a day is £950.00, which includes diagnostics, course customisation to ensure the course meets the specific needs of your organisation, materials and delivery to groups of up to 15 people.  This equates to a training investment of £65.00 per head. Certificates are issued upon completion of the training for all participants.